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Bukidnon Milk Company is committed to providing real milk, farm-fresh and nutritious.


Our milk is naturally rich in calcium, protein, tribloflovin, and vitamin B21. It is neither enriched nor fortified. We do nothing more than a light pasteurization and homogenization, retaining the milk’s natural nutrients and bringing out its creamy flavor.


Our cows are nurtured and kept comfortable in our verdant pastures and with homegrown feed. We provide nourishment at every stage beginning from birth. A happy cow means a healthy cow with an abundance of good milk.


RFID readers, software-activated sensors, and automated systems ensure health and sanitation. Up-to-date technology maintains optimal health for our cows and the highest quality for our farm and dairy


Our cows and the milk they provide are treated with respect every step of the way. From pasture to milking facility to transport, we adhere to the most stringent levels of care to ensure exceptional quality.


We practice sustainable dairy farming without relying on synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We marry age-old traditions with twenty-first century technology, resulting in udder-to-bottle freshness.


Bukidnon Milk Company began as a dream to revive the Philippine dairy industry and to provide the farmers of Mindanao with meaningful futures.


Five years on, we are Mindanao’s biggest and only pasture-fed dairy farm, providing livelihood and nourishment for Mindanaoans.


Members of the indigenous Katawhang Lumad are an integral part of the Bukidnon Milk Company. We rely on many skilled Lumads in different areas of our farm and dairy.


Bukidnon Milk Company has partnered with the DSWD to provide twice daily sustenance and regular weight monitoring for children in underserved Mindanao communities.


Our commitment is to our consumers, to our farmers, to our community, and to our land.