Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions, because Filipinos deserve real, good milk.

Does your milk contain growth hormones or GMOs?

No. We do not inject our cows with growth hormones. Our cows graze in our pastures, supplemented by non-GMO feed grown on our land without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

What is the difference between Bukidnon Milk Company’s fresh milk and others’ boxed UHT or powdered milk?

UHT and powdered milks go through a great deal of processing to achieve an extended shelf-life. This results in far less natural nutrition and flavor.

See About Our Milk.

Where is your milk being sold?


Door 3 YLS Building 726 Veloso St. Barrio Obrero, Davao City

Mobile: 0998-9900350 0998-9593276

• Available in SM Lanang Premier and SM City Davao Supermarket

• Pick up available

• Delivery service available within downtown area for a minimum of three one-liter bottles, with a P30 delivery fee.




UHDFI Sales Office

Maramag-Maradugao Road, San Miguel

Maramag, Bukidnon

Mobile: 0917-8190496

• Pick up available

• Available in NVM Mall

• Available in schools and mini-marts




Bukidnon Milk Company

6th-21st Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City

(in front of South City Central School)

Mobile: 0956-0631484

• Pick up available

• Available in Ororama and SM Supermarket

• Available in schools and mini-marts

What is the shelf-life of your milk?

When properly handled and stored, our milk can last up to 10 days from dairy bottling, and up to three days from bottle opening.


Three ways to check for milk freshness:

• What is the expiry date?

• Are there solids in the milk?

• How does it smell?


If the expiry date has passed, or if there are solids floating in the milk, discard the entire bottle immediately.

Fresh milk smells clean and slightly sweet. If it smells sour or different, discard the entire bottle immediately.


TIPS for preventing premature milk spoilage:

• Milk is best stored between 0 to 4 ºC, away from light and heat.

• When purchasing, pick up milk last to preserve its temperature.

• Keep milk in a cooler or insulated bag with cold packs during commute.

• Store milk on refrigerator shelves instead of by the door to prevent temperature fluctuation.

• Leave the milk in its original container, with cap tightly closed, and away from strong odors.

• To prevent contamination, do not drink directly from the bottle and do not return unused milk to the original container.