Our Mission

Our mission is to be able to showcase the dairy farm capabilities of the region, that it is at par or even better than other regions, and at the same time provide real quality sustenance to the consumers through our milk products.

We can proudly say that our milk is of the highest quality and has the creamiest, most delicious taste. We get this type of result through a number of factors. First, we have partnered with Universal Harvester Dairy Farms, which lets the cows roam easily around its sprawling 460-hectare grazing fields. The cows get to eat the freshest signal and Napier grass, which ensures that they get proper nutrition that is unadulterated and chemical-free. Another factor is that they are able to get proper exercise and abundant water from the natural springs around the mountains. This provides the cow a nurturing, stress-free environment so they can produce Natural and Fresh Premium Quality Milk.

In Cagayan de Oro Agri Expo

Vision: Bukidnon Milk Company envisions being the top premium fresh milk brand in the region that can provide quality sustenance to the consumer at an affordable price.

Mission: To provide our customer international quality standard, nutritious and premium real fresh milk. To sustain the livelihood of local farmers and showcase the global capability of our local dairy market.To be the top-of-mind, fresh milk of choice in the region.