Our Milk

cows grazing bm

Our Milk comes from a hybrid type of cow, which is called F1. Bred from New Zealand’s Holstein breed and Indian Sahiwal Breed, the result is a milk-producing cow that is suited for our hot, tropical climate. The farm, where we source our milk, is situated in Maramag, Bukidnon, which is known for its cold, breezy weather and its mountainous terrain. It is a sprawling 460- hectare grazing farmland where the cows are allowed to wander freely around its wide, spacious range, the first and biggest of its kind in Mindanao. This, alongside the cool environment, provides cows with an enjoyable, stress-free environment as compared to the usual CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) farms. The said farm features let them produce the creamiest quality milk available in the market. An in-house veterinarian also ensures that the cows are in top shape and guarantees no RBST growth hormones are used so utmost, untainted quality nutrition is provided to them. Essentially, what the cows feed on has a big impact on the taste of the milk.pulsator bmc The farm where the cows are taken care of is also able to produce its own feeds. These feeds are specifically prepared to meet the cows’ different needs and make sure that they are provided with complete nutritional requirement. With this, we can proudly say that our cows are able to produce the best-tasting milk.

Bukidnon Milk Company makes use of light pasteurization in ensuring that our raw milk is safe from harmful bacteria and pathogens. Light pasteurization is the process of heating the milk to 71-74 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds. This keeps all the nutrients, namely calcium, protein, riboflavin, and vitamin B21, intact and retains the natural creamy flavor of fresh milk. This type of pasteurization is the closest taste you can get to raw milk without all the nasty pathogens you have that come with it.
“Our fresh milk is lightly pasteurized to retain its nutritious, creamy taste.”

What is commonly available in the market is highly processed milk. It is called Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treated milk, which means the milk is heated at above 280 °F for at least two seconds. This would then increase product shelf life to 6 months but removes all the nutrient content and gives the milk a burnt taste. Another type of milk that is popular in the market is Reconstituted Milk. You may be more familiar to this as the powdered form. We must highlight that these products are different from real fresh milk, which consumers here in the Philippines see as an expensive, hard to attain product. This is what we want to change. We want to make real fresh milk more accessible by widening our retail reach by producing more yet still be at a reasonable price point to give our clients a quality product that they deserve.